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“Business Partner/Associate” approach to our customers, Sophisticated Analytical Equipments, Highly experienced R&D Team and Decades of Experience in automobile  industry help us in providing various “Value Added” services to our existing / potential “Business Partners”
New Product Development
With our collaborative approach with the OEMS & their suppliers, Cost effective new products meeting all stringent technical & functional requirements are developed in the shortest possible time.
Selection of Appropriate Grade
Our technical team helps our potential business partners/ customers in selecting the appropriate grade
Tailor made Colours
Custom colours are developed in a very short span & our flexible manufacturing process enables us to supply custom colours in small lots also
Analytical Facility
Our sophisticated analytical facility is available to our existing / potential “Business Partners” / Customers for material analysis

Our technical experts work with OEMs & their vendors in the design of the product & the mould

Process Techniques
Our Technical Team works with our business partners / customers in optimizing process parameters / conditions & secondary operations
Cost Effective Applications
In our effort to reduce weight, cost without sacrificing technical & functional requirements, our application development team continuously work for development of cost effective applications
After Sales Service
In case of any problem related to our material, our dedicated customer service team is just a phone call away
  Approach of MPL
Work closely with OEMs and Tier1’s
Dedicated development by R&D and Q&A
To be present locally to support OEMs
Win application via competitive price
With running business, competitive pricing