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 Research  Work
Crash worthiness analysis of different Impact Modified TPOs With Special Reference to Automotive Exterior Applications
Studies on the cross-linking of Polyolefins: Special reference to Polypropylene.
Studies on Novel Impact Modified Polyolefin/Clay Nanocomposites .
Development of Thermoplastic Elastomer & Thermoplastic Elastomer Vulcanizates compositions.
Synthesis and characterization of Novel Polyolefin Wood Flour Composites
Study of Polypropylene polyamide alloy: Modification of polypropylene using polyamide.
Ionomers based on Polyolefins: Effects on blends and composites.
Development of Antistatic behavior in polypropylene Composite Materials & Alloys.
Studies to Improve Anti-Scratch behavior in polypropylene Composite Materials & Alloys.
Polypropylene using nucleating agents.
Polypropylene Composite Materials & Alloys with Enhanced Low temperature
  Toughness: Part 2
Introducing low CLTE and controlled shrinkage in polypropylene Composite.
Modification of flow behavior of polypropylene
Cycle time reduction for successful manufacturing of Injection Molding Compounds.
Effect of coupling agent on the mechanical properties of Mineral Filled Polypropylene composites.